Triángulo de amor bizarro

Triángulo de Amor Bizarro publican "Salve discordia" en enero de 2016.

Con un cuarto disco poco les falta por demostrar. Ya no pueden salir en más listas de Lo Mejor, ni recibir mejores premios por sus discos, ni mejores críticas, ni nadie podrá decir que no tienen un directo increíble. No se puede negar que son referencia para otros artistas contemporáneos, ahí están las influencias y las declaraciones de tantos músicos. Triángulo ya han dejado atrás el hype y el difícil tercer disco, han hecho canciones que sobrevivirán generaciones.

La portada es del inconmensurable artista GIF Haydiroket.




With their fourth album, Triángulo have no need to prove anything.

They can’t get on to more Top lists, or get better awards for their albums, or better reviews, nor can anybody say they aren’t incredible live. Nobody can deny they are a benchmark for other contemporary artists; there we have the influences and statements of so many musicians. Triángulo have left behind the hype and the difficult third album; they’ve made songs that will survive generations. And now? Judge for yourself.

The group consolidates "Victoria Mística" (Rodrigo, Isa, Rafa, Zippo) and releases this collection of songs that least represents the style that defines them.

Never had they played so fast, or so slowly. Here goes another fistful of honesty taking their music one step further, from rhythmic fuzz frenzy to the sweetest dreamy melodies, with their highly personal lyrics riddled with references.

The album has been produced by Carlos Hernández, who works with them again following the excellent results obtained on their debut. The cover is by the Turkish artist Haydiroket.