Hola A Todo El Mundo are the fortunate masters of a unique and magical musical universe.


They has always been directly related to the world of literature. Its name inspired by Walt Whitman or its references to William Blake and other authors have become little hiding places for depositing songs.


Emotionally intense pop, which, on this new album, are related to the world of Emily Dickinson. It’s this author’s herbarium where the group have sought aesthetical inspiration for “Away”, produced by Luke Smith (Foals, Is Tropical, Crystal Fighters, etc.), which, far from turning out to be a pompous exercise of feeble pop, over the last few weeks has become an intense and digestible pop album, full of reminiscences of the first New Romantics. We can also perceive experiences from the Madrid pop era -La Movida– where a particular sensitivity regenerated the New Wave international discourse to take it beyond a one-way creative path.


La Casita de Wendy (our Madrid designers sell their collections at Barneys New York or Surface to Air, in Paris) to “draw” the visual part of the group.


“Away” speaks of adolescence, of the double meaning of flowers, of the explosion of one’s personality and also of the pain entailed in searching for something and not finding it. The language is crude, but not defeatist… rather quite the contrary. Nothing better than having.


This time, music, literature, design, fashion and the visual focus on the search for their own personality, and, to top it all, it works, and they have managed to create a BRILLIANT, LUMINOUS, DIRECT album.


“Their music is as special as they are” (Cadena Ser)

“In each work they create a musical and literary universe that goes beyond the music itself” (Crazyminds)

“They have combined their previous albums in Away, but have still maintained their freshness” (El Mundo)

“There is no doubt that this album will receive the best write-ups of the year”  (Mondo Sonoro)