Club Culture.


Kostrok started out a decade ago to create things that no one else was doing in Spain. From Valencia, they rose as the launchpad for club culture with their own style and based on powerful rhythms and cutting-edge, danceable sounds.


“Right Now” took them to becoming one of the most popular electronic projects. It was played on commercial radio, in TV ads in America, in films and at European festivals and was remixed by artists like Yuksek, Discodeine, Yall and MSTRKRFT.
After that single came the album “The Golden Fruit Train”, featuring the powerful dancefloor banger “Made of Wood” chosen by Movistar for a worldwide campaign, and the successful opening of the club Fine in Madrid.


Throughout this time, their danceable electropop has transformed just like Kostrok itself: now flying solo and attracted by the resurgence of the young European house scene, Adrian Lurbe is managing it all from one of his hubs: Berlin. Kostrok’s sound is 100% inspired by club culture halfway between classic house and French Touch

The 3 new “Samana” songs maintain that Mediterranean shine part house and part electronic yet keep in line with Kostrok’s pop soul under the same premise as it all began with: to get clubs to re-invent themselves with pure dance ecstasy.