Electro-pop album full of hits that will make you sing your heart out in the choruses and set the dance floor on fire.


With their first single “Right Now” (mixed by Julien Delfaud, one of the heads of the electronic “French Touch” and the sound of bands like Phoenix, Woodkid or Dunne Herman), Kostrok achieved many goals impossible for most artists: they were played on commercial radio stations, were the tune chosen for the NBA playoff in America, have been in European film soundtracks and remixed by international figures like Yuksek, Discodeine and MSTRKRFT; they have toured Spanish and European festivals and even ran their own club in Valencia.


Now, Kostrok manages nights at FINE Club in Madrid with sold out events every month, and continues to play in festivals like True Music, Arenal Sound, etc. The project that Adrián Lurbe is leading prepares new singles that will be released very soon.


“Made of Wood” is Movistar’s new global campaign song.


“They play with indie and electronic music in a way that has seldom been seen in Spain” (Beatmash)

“Surprising due to its excellent and glowing sound” (Mondo Sonoro)

“Essential for all good indie-dance-pop-electronic music lovers” (Vicious)