Reyko is an electronic duo based in London, formed by two spaniards; vocalist Soleil and producer Igor. They compose, produce, and perform all of Reyko’s music.


Reyko’s debut single “Spinning Over You” is an intricate and catchy pop song graced by Soleil’s delicate vocals, which perfectly synchs with Igor’s lush production and beat. The song is a true reflection of Soleil’s and Igor’s diverse, artistic and inspiring upbringing and backgrounds.


Soleil comes from a family of actresses, film score composers, TV producers, etc… However, when she first moved to London, it was in fact to become an osteopath. Nevertheless, music has always been her passion. Soon after, she quickly became involved in the London music scene. Her background as an osteopath gives Soleil a very distinctive, fresh, and healthy twist, which can be heard in her calm and soothing voice and sensed in her gentle and positive character.


Igor grew up in Barcelona in a family where sports played an important role. Both of his parents are former elite handball players while his father is a former player of the renowned Barcelona Handball Club. Igor himself played tennis on a professional level, getting to be ATP ranked. Nevertheless, at 21 he decided to switch from sports to music. He then moved to New York in order to start a music career. After US and European tours as well as time in Barcelona’s music scene, he finally settled in London.


Soleil and Igor met while attending a mutual friend’s gig in North London. At the time Igor was studying music production at the University of West London and was looking for a singer for his final project. As soon as they started making music together, they realized that the project had the potential to be developed into a band.


Just like Soleil’s and Igor backgrounds, Reyko’s music draws from diverse influences. Soleil’s soft, almost whispering vocals give the right personality to Igor’s electronic productions.


Additional production of “Spinning Over You” was handled by Gavin Moss, a Barcelona based producer and label-mate (the same producer as Yall’s “Hundred Miles” remix). Mixing was done by London-based Kevin Grainger (Galantis, Oliver Helders, and Sigala).