“When We Were Older” is the first album by this new band from the Mediterranean coast produced by Jim Spencer, who has worked with Charlatans, Johnny Marr, New Order, Oasis, Vaccines, Echo & The Bunnymen and many more.


Its great evocative power instantly transports you to the summer and the sea, to enjoy the moment anywhere in the world. Its formula: sprinkle traditional acoustic instruments with a little magic to create different and special songs.It is a perfect pop work, with an incredible sound, featuring choruses made for singing your heart out at the top of your voice.


The group has been part of Primavera Sound als Bars in Barcelona, in a place full to overflowing. They were one of the winners Victoria Acoustic Concerts.


Brush”, their first single, was used for the summer promotional campaign of TVE (Spain’s state TV channel).


“Translation”, the second single from the album was used in the Iberdrola campaign featuring the Spanish national football team during the European Cup.


“Catchy tunes that want to make you dance and smile” (Mondosonoro)

“A very complete work of pop with a sound that instantly lifts your spirits” (WMP, México)

“It provokes a feel-good vibe that is priceless” (Los 40 Trending)

“Jim Spencer elevates his sound to the status of the finest pop, combining the feel of yesterday with the muscle of today” (Neo2)

“They will get people talking, and dancing, that’s for sure” (Walk Mag)

“Songs that give off intense rays of pop light, that build up, spurred by jubilant choruses” (Fantastic Plastic Mag)