Their first three albums have successively headed the lists of the Latin American reviews and are characterised by their personal, instinctive and brave music.


They have been #1 in Jitparade (a compendium of all of the Spanish charts) and Trenderscope (one of the world’s leading websites for the engagement of Spanish-speaking artists).


Praised by musicians such as Peter Hook (Joy Division, New Order), Sonic Boom (with whom they recorded a single) or My Bloody Valentine (who chose them to open their concert in Mexico).


They have received the Independent Music Awards for Album of the Year, Best Artist, -Best Rock Album and Best Live Album. They have also been awarded with the Mexican IMAS for the Best Spanish Group twice.


They have toured Spain and the American continent, from Chicago (USA) to Concepción (Chile).


Triángulo de Amor Bizarro released “Salve Discordia” in 2016. Always striding ahead and not afraid to take risks, the cover was designed by the artist GIF Haydiroket. The first video of this album (“Baila sumeria”) was filmed in 1:1 format, the second (“Nuestro siglo Fnord”) merged it with a videogame. On the Galician Literature Day (Día de las Letras Gallegas) they released their version of the century-old classic song “The John B Sails”.


They can’t get on to more Top lists, or get better awards for their albums, or better reviews, nor can anybody say they aren’t incredible live. Nobody can deny they are a benchmark for other contemporary artists; there we have the influences and statements of so many musicians. Triángulo have left behind the hype and the difficult third album; they’ve made songs that will survive generations.


At the beginning of 2017, they received the Premio Ruido for album of the year, granted by the Asociación de Periodistas Musical de España (Association of Music Journalists of Spain). They continue to advance and succeed in their music endeavors.




“One of those bands that still respects the original meaning of the word “indie”” (GQ)

“They take risks, they surprise and their music clearly reflects their personality yet is always exploring new sounds” (El Confidencial)

“Few bands, indie or mainstream, new or veteran, from yesterday or today, are characterised by such a tremendous and self-demanding work ethic” (Mondosonoro 9/10)

“Champions of a scene that demands them, that needs them” (Efe Eme)

“Not long ago, we were wondering what a record needed to deserve a 10.” (Jenesaispop, 10/10)