Relafica Negra En Tiempo De Siembra / Busca Perro

MP606SG. Vinyl

  • Vinyl 7" 9,99



A. Un Dos Tres y Fuera - Relafica negra en tiempo de siembra (Gaudi & Don Letts Remix)

B. Cumbia Moderna De Soledad - Busca Perro (Greg Foat & James Thorpe Remix)


Exclusive and limited 7” with two new recordings by Don Letts and Greg Foat and James Thorpe, recorded for the new RE@LATIN project (the reimagining of Latin musical roots from another time for our generations). Don Letts, together with the producer Gaudi, applies his vast knowledge of dub and spatial sound he is known for to a song recorded by the Venezuelans Un Dos Tres... Y Fuera in the 70s. At the time an avant-garde folk sound from South America gets dubbed out in the hands of an innovator of British rock. The track included here is a edit version from the one heard on streaming platforms. Greg Foat brings an unprecedented jazzy sensibility to a song from the Colombians Cumbia Moderna de Soledad (from the late 70s), a band set out to modernize the folk music of their people.