Cumbia y tambo (Quantic remix)

MP609SG. Vinyl

  • Vinyl 7" 9,99




A. Cumbia y Tambo (Quantic Vocal Remix)

B. Cumbia y Tambo (Quantic Instrumental Remix) 


Under the Quantic banner, Will Holland’s list of endeavours as a songwriter, musician, producer and sound engineer runs deep. From focused solo productions via intimate collaborations to expansive ensemble projects, he’s spent more than 20 years in pursuit of exquisite sound. Global in his outlook, Holland’s reputation is forged on how he engages with local scenes and cultures, whether exploring traditional sounds or working in the cutting edge of pure electronics. An artist always in conversation with his surroundings and prepared to change his circumstances at the behest of inspiration, Holland has already guided the Quantic narrative through more ventures and expressions than we could list in one text. With new chapters constantly being written, it’s a story which only deepens with time – a true reflection of global music’s eternally transient nature.