Las olas contra todos

MP570. Digital





1. Las olas contra todos

2. Juramentos


The international neo-psychedelic pop scene has long been generating an ecosystem of groups around the world with an enormous musical richness. Retro and sophisticated, tropical and borderline rock, world music and traditional folk are fused together, and each one brings the particularities of a different origin.

From Spain, La Villana is a group strongly linked to this international neo-psychedelic pop scene of groups like Yin Yin, Levitation Room, Sugar Candy Mountain, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and many others. Their music ranges from the psychedelic sounds of Lee Hazelwood's productions to a certain spirit of folk revival, from Zombies to Broadcast and the Donosti Sound, bringing their own idiosyncrasies to a world sound.



It’s like a motel in the American south, sunset descending like a blanket, Hopper-esque figures in the parking lot. Roy Orbison meeting Ronnie Spector perhaps to ride out somewhere to practise some vocals, with Duane Eddy there for the twang in the backseat. 

Dreampop, honeyed vocals, cut through with a melancholy that belies the optimism of the lyrics. This is the Almodovarian Spain of Carmen Maura, bright, hot lights but a sticky sadness in the Madrid night.” 

Alistair Macaulay, Tindersticks 

"Very nice! I like twangy guitar". 

David Gedge, The Wedding Present 

"Reminiscent of European songs from the 60s, but with a modern sensibility

Rodrigo Caamaño, Triángulo de Amor Bizarro 

"Phil Spector meets the Jesus and Mary Chain in a beautiful hazy dream

James Hoare, The Proper Ornaments

La Villana has such a unique dreamy sound. They have this cosmic western vibe that reminds me of Ennio Moriconne, layered with these soft colorful harmonies. I am really excited for the world to hear their album. And grateful to be carrying a vision for their sound

Vanessa Pla (filmmaker)